Web Hosting Map

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Web Hosting Map

It is always a good idea to choose web hosting based on where your visitors and customers are. Picking a web hosting location is essential for great user experience with fast website loading times. Where your website is hosted is also important for SEO as a server location plays a role in how search engines choose relevant content for local audiences.

This is why we have created a web hosting map. You will find some of the most affordable web hosting services on the map from around the whole world. To find web hosting on the map, click a blue dot closest to where you or your customers are. View the best options in dozens of locations such as New York, London or Singapore.

Can’t find a server location near you on the web hosting map? Both Cloudways and Kinsta offer numerous global server locations. They have hosting locations across North America (e.g. Oregon, South Carolina) and Europe (e.g. Belgium, Finland) as well as in Asia and South America (including India, Taiwan, Japan and Brazil). Cloudways and Kinsta are perfect for mission-critical websites, especially those created with WordPress. Read a detailed comparison of Cloudways vs. Kinsta.

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