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HANDPICKED: Best VPNs with Ad Blocker

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For many users, a VPN is no longer just a basic tool to quickly change their IP address or prevent third parties from viewing their online activities. More and more people expect a VPN to be a complete suite of security tools that enhances their privacy by blocking adware, data trackers, malware, spyware and phishing sites. And thus more and more VPN services offer an advanced feature whose main purpose is to block domains associated with advertising, tracking or hosting malicious code.

An adblock VPN typically relies on open source content-filtering software and related adware block lists. Unlike browser extensions like uBlock Origin, a VPN with an ad blocking and anti-tracking feature works effectively across all apps on the connected device. The VPN ad blocker thus eliminates ads on e.g. gaming, lifestyle, news, travel and social apps. For Android devices, you may need to download an .apk version of your ad blocking VPN service directly from their website.

There are a couple of dozen of ad blocking VPNs that operate in a similar way: they block adware and trackers via specially configured DNS servers. What varies significantly among VPN providers is the level of user control over ad blocking. Some VPNs have a built-in ad blocker that is on at all times. Most VPN apps give you an option to easily toggle on and off the ad blocker. And a few adblock VPN services let you further choose which domains or IP addresses you wish to whitelist or blacklist.

We have picked three very different VPN services in this regard. Besides the level of control over the ad blocker, the differences include pricing, jurisdiction and server network. And if you are not happy with our picks, take a look at the full list of VPNs known to block ads in one way or another.

NordVPN’s CyberSec feature strikes a good balance between blocking unwanted advertisements and smooth uninterrupted online experience. Its ad blocker is not aggressive yet still very effective. You can activate CyberSec by simply toggling it on in the NordVPN app.

Based in Panama, NordVPN operates over 5500 servers in 59 countries. You can get NordVPN from $3.71 a month.

Ad Blocker Effectiveness 90%
Overall VPN Value 95%

Windscribe’s R.O.B.E.R.T. tool is one of the most aggressive ad blockers. Luckily, you can create your own rules by whitelisting or blacklisting specific domains and IPs from your account. Free users can create only three rules, while paying customers can customize 1K rules as well as activate further ‘house’ lists to block social networks, cryptominers and gambling sites. In 2021 Windscribe also launched a DNS service called ControlD that lets you block or unblock any domain of your choice.

Based in Canada, Windscribe has servers in 63 countries. Its yearly plan costs $4.08 a month.

Ad Blocker Effectiveness 95%
Overall VPN Value 90%

FastestVPN’s ad blocker is built into its core VPN service. It means ad blocking is active by default and cannot be disabled. This means in turn that FastestVPN’s ad blocker does the job but is quite basic. Unlike NordVPN and Windscribe, FatestVPN is still a young VPN service and is still to implement the WireGuard protocol.

Based in the Cayman Islands, FastestVPN has servers in 40 countries. Its 3-year plan costs $1.11 a month. For a limited time, get a lifetime plan here.

Ad Blocker Effectiveness 80%
Overall VPN Value 85%

Full List: All VPNs that Block Ads

There are dozens of VPN companies that have implemented DNS-based, server-side, in-app or browser-only ad blocking. They differ vastly not only in how good their ad blocker is but also how reliable their VPN service is.

Below you will find a full list of those VPNs that block advertisements or ad trackers. While we have loosely ranked them, we have compiled a rather raw unfiltered list of all 20+ ad blocking VPNs. And while we believe that our top three picks are indeed some of the best adblock VPNs, you have the ultimate freedom to choose what works for your needs.

Bonus: VPNs that Block Malware & Malicious Sites

If you wish to experience the web the way it is, with all the trackers and ads, just with a layer of extra security, you may need a VPN that guards against malicious websites and known malware. The following bonus VPN providers are worth trying out if you need to protect yourself from numerous cyber threats.

Which VPN have you picked to block ads and/or malware? Share to let others know how to have a better online experience.

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