Best Managed WordPress Hosting in the Cloud: KVM, OpenVZ, LXC & Docker

7 Best Managed WordPress Hosts at a Glance

 Monthly PriceMonthly VisitsWebsitesTechnology
1. Kinsta$3025,0001LXC
2. Onyx£17.9920,0001LXC
3. BigScoots$34.95~250,0001OpenVZ
4. DreamHost$19.95~100,0001KVM
5. Wetopi€10~20,0001Docker
6. Nestify$9unlimitedunlimitedDocker
7. WPOven$19.95~25,000unlimitedKVM
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Cloud WordPress Hosting

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Shared managed WordPress hosting can be both cheap and fast. But when your website requires extra security and stability, it needs private – not shared – resources.

Luckily, a number of hosts provide an isolated environment for your WordPress website. There are typically two ways to get isolated resources, both of which are deployed on a highly available cloud infrastructure.

One method is based on a VPS or virtual machine where your website gets dedicated resources. The common virtualization technologies used today are KVM and OpenVZ.

Another method is based on containers such as Docker and Linux Containers (LXC). Orchestrated on top of multiple servers or virtual machines, containers are typically more lightweight and scalable.

Because there are so many WP cloud hosting options, we wished to provide a concise list of only the best managed WordPress hosting. It means that we restricted the list in three important ways:

1. Lowest entry price

While there are plenty of premium high-priced managed WordPress hosts, we are committed to serving smaller businesses and new website owners. Because our focus is on affordable managed WP hosting under $35, such brands as SiteGround ($110, LXC) are not included in the list.

2. Fully managed WP

While there are many companies that offer enterprise hosting in a managed cloud environment, we list only those that include free dedicated WordPress support. Because we focus on fully managed WP hosting, such brands as Cloudways ($10+, KVM) are not included.

3. Dedicated resources

Many WordPress hosting services are provisioned on shared servers. This means that, even though some account isolation is in place, the resources are shared by all the websites on the server. Such WordPress hosts as A2 Hosting and WPWebHost are thus not included in the list below.

Even with these restrictions in place, we made no compromises when it comes to quality. All the hosts below include all of the following features:

Must-Have WordPress Tools:

  1. GeneratePress – WordPress theme for all your websites: Free | Premium
  2. SEOPress – plugin for unlimited websites to boost your traffic: Free | Premium
  3. UpdraftPlus – plugin to automate your website backups: Free | Premium
  4. Defender – easy-to-use security plugin to block all hackers: Free | Premium
  5. Sucuri – website firewall to automatically block bad traffic: Premium
  6. bunny.netfast and affordable content delivery network: Premium
  7. updown – tool to monitor your website’s uptime and load times: Premium
  8. Stencil – easy-to-use graphic design tool to create any images: Premium
  9. ProtonMailprivate open-source email for your custom domains: Premium
  10. Sticky Passwordpassword manager for all websites and devices: Premium

Launched in 2013, Kinsta is one of the fastest growing WordPress hosting companies. Built on Google Cloud Platform, Kinsta’s service is also connected to Google’s premium tier network. Each WordPress site has its private resources that are auto-scaled on an as-needed basis. The custom control panel, MyKinsta, additionally integrates with such premium products as KeyCDN and Amazon Route 53 DNS included in every plan.


Onyx is a brand of Krystal Hosting, a UK company founded in 2002. Each website is hosted on multiple LXC containers. Onyx stores three copies of site data on a storage cluster and uses a clustered database system for greater reliability. On higher plans, Onyx includes free CDN and hourly backups.


One thing that immediately makes BigScoots stand out in the increasingly crowded Managed WordPress market is that even its cheapest plan can handle hundreds of thousands of monthly visits. BigScoots does not arbitrarily limit the number of monthly visits. The only limitation is the amount of dedicated resources: the entry plan is powered by OpenVZ with 2 GB RAM and 2 CPU Cores and includes 1 TB of bandwidth. The Business and Enterprise plans are deployed on fully dedicated servers and can handle millions of visitors.


DreamHost’s fully managed WordPress hosting is called DreamPress. Each DreamPress website runs on an isolated instance of DreamHost’s cloud computing service powered by KVM virtualization.

One thing to know about DreamPress is that all the standard plans are for one website only and WordPress Multisite is not supported. Some of the pros of DreamPress include a dedicated IP address, endorsement by and a great reputation dating back to 1997.

While pricing starts at $19.95, the best-value plan costs $29.95 and includes a Pro version of Jetpack and unlimited CDN.


Founded in 2015, Wetopi is based in Catalonia. Its WordPress platform is built on OVH infrastructure. It also uses Amazon S3 for offsite backups.

Wetopi allows you to create a plan based on how much storage and how many websites you need. Each website is replicated twice and includes two shared IP addresses. This way, your website is always available even if one server or point of access fails.


Founded in 2014, Nestify allows hosting both WordPress and custom websites on its Google Cloud platform. Its managed WordPress hosting includes unlimited WP installs, a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate, CDN, staging, Multisite and email on every plan. Its automated backups are stored with Azure and kept for 15 days. Nestify also provides free security scans and website hack fixes.


Founded in 2016, WPOven is not as established as other WordPress hosts. The company’s focus is exclusively on WordPress. WPOven has built a robust platform on top of Linode infrastructure, with offsite backups taken to Amazon S3.

WPOven does not limit the number of websites that can be installed on any plan and includes free migration for all your sites. It provides server and WP optimizations and does not meter the number of monthly visits.

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