Kinsta Review 2021: Managed WordPress Hosting Done Right

The Kinsta experience is quite literally breathtaking. From the moment you land on the MyKinsta dashboard, everything is at your fingertips. Not just the essentials such as SSL certificates and backups. You immediately get free access to such premium features as KeyCDN, Amazon Route 53 DNS and Kinsta’s advanced analytics. No matter which plan you pick, you get access to all of them.

Starting at $30 a month, all Kinsta’s Managed WordPress hosting plans also include 24/7 tech support from some of the best WordPress developers as well as free WordPress migrations. But besides the premium features and outstanding support, we believe Kinsta’s most important asset is its unique infrastructure that delivers the fastest load times and the best uptime in the industry. If you are asking yourself ‘Why Kinsta?’, then read on our in-depth Kinsta review below.

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Kinsta Review at a Glance


Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting

Kinsta Performance

We test Kinsta periodically for at at least two months. For our most recent results, we tested Kinsta in July and August 2019. We used HetrixTools to monitor both the uptime and load times of our website with Kinsta. The performance of our South Carolina hosted website was monitored from three locations: New York, San Francisco and Dallas.

We recorded a perfect uptime of 100% in both months. The load time was equally impressive with about 333 ms. You can see below the test results and the test site setup in detail for yourself. 

2019 Uptime:


Average Load Time:

332 ms

Kinsta Features

Kinsta offers several plans, from Starter to Enterprise. If you go with Kinsta for your first website, the Starter plan will be a good choice. That is unless it is an ecommerce website, in which case you will most likely be recommended one of the Business plans for performance reasons.

The plans differ not only in the number of allowed domains and allocated disk space, but crucially in the monthly unique traffic. For example, the Starter plan includes 25,000 monthly visits. Another thing to note about the Starter plan is that, while it comes with a staging area, it logically does not include site cloning because the plan is meant for one WordPress install.

Monthly Plans And Pricing Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting 2020

Plan Specs

We tested the $30 Starter plan. Here are the plan specs in detail.

Name of the planStarter
Monthly price$30
Annual price$300
Recurring pricesame
SSD storage10 GB
Email accountsnot provided
CDN Bandwidth50 GB
Monthly visits25,000
Dedicated resourcesyes, auto-scaled


Kinsta has one of the most sophisticated hardware and software stacks. With most cloud providers, you have to pick up at least some basic jargon to be able to configure your stack properly. With Kinsta you do not have to if you do not wish to. Kinsta puts in place the best technology and keeps it up do date.

Kinsta’s infrastructure consists of large Ubuntu-based virtual machines built on Google Cloud, with all of its plans being on Google’s premium tier network. Each website is hosted on an isolated LXC container. All the hardware (RAM/CPU) and software resources are private and are automatically allocated to each site container on an as-needed basis (auto-scaling). Besides auto-scaling, each container includes automatic database optimizations and self-healing PHP.

Out of the box, the key default stack elements responsible for your site’s performance are Nginx web server, MariaDB database server, latest PHP version, HTTP/2 and multiple levels of caching, including an integrated caching plugin. Should your site require more power, Kinsta has several pricey addons such as Redis.

It is also worth knowing for advanced users that, although your website is housed in its own isolated container, Kinsta does not provide a dedicated IP address. And while you can connect to your site via SSH, you do not have root access. Also, because Kinsta has its own caching system, many caching WP plugins are not allowed. The same applies to backup plugins. This said, you can easily download a backup from MyKinsta.

See more software specs below.

Control panelMyKinsta dashboard
Script libraryKinsta WordPress installer
Web serverNginx
CacheOPcache, Object & Page Cache & CDN
Caching pluginKinsta MU (built-in)
MariaDB database serveryes
PHP 7.xyes
SSH (advanced)yes
Let's Encrypt SSLyes
SecurityHardware firewalls
Backup softwareKinsta Backups
BackupsDaily + addons


Kinsta does not just provide the ultimate technology for the best performance. The company also has superb 24/7 support. Kinsta does not have level 1 or level 2 support reps: all of its employees are top professionals. More than that, its human support is available not only in English but also Spanish, French, German and Dutch. 

For 2018 Kinsta reported its median support ticket response time at 1 minute and 35 seconds, while the median time to solve and close an issue was 48 minutes. We have not yet had to resort to its tech support because everything is that simple in the MyKinsta dashboard. Plus Kinsta has the best knowledge base and blog, with many articles relevant to anyone using WordPress whether with Kinsta or not.

Finally, Kinsta does not just have such essentials as free website migrations, refund and uptime guarantees. It also provides a very secure hosting environment and includes a hack-fix guarantee.

24/7 supportyes
Knowledge baseyes
Instant setupyes
Free migrationsyes
Uptime guarantee99.9%
Money back guarantee30 days

Open Source

Kinsta supports and embraces open-source software, from its server-side stack (LEMP) to the actual script the company manages – WordPress. Kinsta is also a regular sponsor of various WordCamps and Meetups around the globe.

Kinsta is a fully managed WordPress host. This means that, on the one hand, it optimizes the server setup, takes care of all the things to ensure your website is as fast and secure as it can be. On the other hand, it provides WordPress-specific support and all the tools that make running your website as easy as possible. 

Kinsta has built probably the most functional and easy-to-use dashboard for WordPress management. MyKinsta lets you manage your websites on every level, from creating SSL certificates to tracking the number of visits. Additionally, it integrates with such premium products as KeyCDN and Amazon Route 53 DNS which are included for free with every Kinsta plan.

Kinsta Dashboard


Whether you are looking for web hosting for personal or business projects, you need a host that you can rely on. This is why we always examine the transparency of the company and its practices.


Kinsta is perfectly transparent about its history and operations. Founded in 2013, Kinsta is a 100% bootstrapped company. The key person is Mark Gavalda. Registered in the UK, Kinsta has offices in London, Los Angeles and Budapest. Kinsta has grown into one of the larger hosting companies with over 50 employees. It reported its client base growth by over 262% in 2018.

With its infrastructure built on Google Cloud Platform, Kinsta offers WordPress hosting in 23+ data centers around the world. Some of the locations include LA, Sydney, Mumbai, Osaka and Sao Paulo.


The pricing is generally transparent. The plans renew at the same price. An annual billing cycle offers nice savings ($25/month instead of $30). If your website runs over its limits, Kinsta will keep it running, inform you about the situation and charge you an overage fee ($1/1,000 visits, CDN $0.10 / GB). Kinsta accepts all major credit cards and wire transfers for annual orders. It does not accept PayPal at this time.

Yearly Plans And Pricing Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting 2020

Kinsta Review in a Nutshell


Kinsta offers a service that is so much more than hosting. Its product is a stress-free premium solution for both beginning and seasoned WordPress users. Combined with unrivaled performance, Kinsta’s product amounts to what we see as Managed WordPress hosting done right.

Is Kinsta perfect for everyone? Probably not. Some website owners, especially those used to shared cPanel hosting, may find it unacceptable that Kinsta does not provide an email account. Others, especially advanced users, may prefer to be able to configure caching and security settings their way. And of course for some, especially those just launching a new website, Kinsta’s plans may be simply too expensive for now.

We have tried to find faults with Kinsta in this review. Kinsta is clearly the most expensive host on Itsy Bitsy Guide in terms of the cost per visit. And yet it is the only host we have chosen to give the highest score.

We are that impressed with the value you get when you use Kinsta. Specifically, what we love about Kinsta is a combination of insane performance and ease of use, expert WordPress support and security that comes with a hack-fix guarantee, premium tools and detailed analytics, cutting-edge infrastructure and a choice of 23+ global data center locations.

Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting

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