Ultra-Cheap VPNs: FastestVPN vs Namecheap VPN Compared

As more and more VPN users realize the limits of free VPN services, even such good open source ones as ProtonVPN, many ask themselves if ultra-cheap VPNs are worth it. Unlike popular established brands such as NordVPN, ultra-cheap VPN services typically offer long-term plans with a price tag well below $2/month.

The questions is: are these ultra-cheap VPNs worth it? More specifically, are they fast enough, do they have advanced features and, overall, how trustworthy are they?

To answer these questions, we have tested and compared two prominent and quite different VPN providers that have very appealing low prices on their one- and three-year plans: Namecheap VPN vs FastestVPN.

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Namecheap VPN vs FastestVPN: Speed Test

Before delving into the differences between Namecheap VPN and FastestVPN, we want to see first and foremost if these VPN service are usable at all: do they significantly slow down the internet speed? 

We have done two speed tests: one from the closest location in Australia and one from the closest server in the United States (Los Angeles). And, of course, we have run a speed test without using a VPN to see the impact of either service on top of the original connection:

Original No Vpn Test
No VPN: 87.6 | 37.6

VPN Speed Test: Closest Location (Australia)

Namecheap Vpn Melbourne Test
Namecheap VPN AUS: 82.2 | 34.6
Fastestvpn Sydney Test
FastestVPN AUS: 84.6 | 34.9

Surprisingly, neither Namecheap VPN nor FastestVPN had a huge impact on the connection speed from the closest server location in Australia. The difference between the two VPNs was quite marginal. On a 100 Mbps connection, the original speed was 87.6, with Namecheap VPN 82.2 and FastestVPN 84.6.

VPN Speed Test: USA (Los Angeles)

Namecheap Vpn La Test
Namecheap VPN USA: 55.3 | 31.3
Fastestvpn La Test
FastestVPN USA: 53.5 | 30.0

The connection speed across the ocean was significantly slower but still perfectly usable even for UHD media streaming, gaming and file sharing. Again the difference between Namecheap VPN and FastestVPN was not huge, with the former performing slightly better at 55.3 and the latter at 53.5.

While both services perform well, Namecheap does have more servers in both test locations so you can potentially pick one that has a better speed. Talking of the server locations and other features, let’s now take a look at what each VPN has to offer.

Namecheap VPN vs FastestVPN: Features

Although Namecheap VPN and FastestVPN are not as established as better known VPN services, they have plenty of features to satisfy most users.

Below you will find a detailed comparison of Namecheap VPN and FastestVPN that zooms in on such features as the number of connected devices, available apps and protocols, bitcoin payments, split tunneling and ad blocking.

Namecheap VPN Pros

Namecheap VPN Cons

FastestVPN Pros

FastestVPN Cons

Conclusion: Namecheap VPN vs FastestVPN

Both FastestVPN and Namecheap VPN are ultra-cheap VPNs for a reason. They lack a number of advanced features (including newest protocols and specialized servers) and their server networks are not particularly large.

That said, they have enough power to perform at the level comparable to some overpriced VPNs. While neither NamecheapVPN nor FastestVPN would be our first-choice VPN recommendations, they are worthy options for those on a budget who still want to benefit from excellent connection speeds.

Namecheap VPN is a good choice if you need a respected brand name, more server locations, unlimited simultaneous connections and the option of bitcoin payments.

FastestVPN is a good choice if you need a VPN for your TV or game consoles, a built-in ad blocker and the option to tunnel only certain apps through the VPN.

If you have tried both and keep looking for a cheap VPN with more features, there are occasionally great discounts on popular established VPN providers. For example, VyprVPN – an innovative VPN that fully owns its large server network – has a special price of $1.66/month.

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