Ethernet Servers Review 2021: Low Prices, High-Level Support

Ethernet Servers is that rare host that has some of the most generous plans at incredibly low prices. Starting at $30.09/year, all the plans include the latest technology and are packed with useful features. From our experience with Ethernet Servers, the company’s major appeal is easily its dedicated 24/7 support. Read our in-depth Ethernet Servers review below.

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Ethernet Servers Review at a Glance


Ethernet Servers Performance

We regularly test Ethernet Servers using HetrixTools to monitor both the uptime and load times of our website. For our most recent results we tested Ethernet Servers for a year between November 2018 and October 2019. The performance of our website hosted in the US was monitored from three locations: New York, Dallas and San Francisco.

The monthly uptime of our website with Ethernet Servers is normally well above 99.9%. However, due to scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, the uptime sometimes dropped below 99.9% (for example, in May & March 2019). The load times are nonetheless quite impressive, normally under 500 ms.

Below is a summary of the uptime and average load times for 2019. You can see also the actual test results and the test site setup in detail for yourself.

Ethernet Servers Uptime 2019
Ethernet Servers Uptime 2018

2019 Uptime:


Average Load Time:

490 ms

Ethernet Servers Features

Ethernet Servers offers three shared hosting plans. All three are very affordable. The most expensive plan costs just $7.95/month and allows hosting an unlimited number of websites. Apart from the storage and number of domains, all three plans have identical resource limits, such as CPU and RAM.

Ethernet Servers Web Hosting Plans

Plan Specs

We have been testing the cheapest plan. Here are the plan specs in detail.

Name of the planSilver
Monthly price$2.95
Annual price$30.09
Recurring pricesame
SSD storage10 GB
Email accountsunlimited
CPU Cores75% of 1 CPU core
RAM Memory3 GB


The hardware used by Ethernet Servers is key to its excellent performance. Our website is hosted on the server that runs on Intel Xeon E5-2620 and includes 24 cores, 62 GB RAM and 1.8 TB storage. The software features shown below are equally top-notch.

Control panelcPanel
Script librarySoftaculous
Web serverLiteSpeed
MariaDB database serveryes
PHP 7.xyes
SSH (advanced)yes
Let's Encrypt SSLyes
Backup softwareJetBackup


Ethernet Servers provides also outstanding support. Tech support is personal and friendly. Our two issues were resolved within 1 hour and 6 hours, respectively. The company also has refund and uptime guarantees.

24/7 supportyes
Knowledge baseyes
Instant setupyes
Free migrationsyes
Uptime guarantee99.9%
Money back guarantee60 days

Open Source

Ethernet Servers is perfect for less experienced users of such open-source applications as WordPress. Besides one-click installs and free migrations, Ethernet Servers can help with numerous cPanel-based issues such as setting up an SSL certificate. When you build a WordPress website, Ethernet Servers automatically installs the LSCache plugin.


Whether you are looking for web hosting for personal or business projects, you need a host that you can rely on. This is why we always examine the transparency of the company and its practices.


Ethernet Servers is very open about its operations and even provides its registration number. Based in the UK, the company was founded in 2013. It is privately owned. The company is very small, although it is not clear how many people are actually involved.

Ethernet Servers offers web hosting in 7 data centers: US, UK, Singapore, Australia, Canada, France and Germany.

The company also offers managed VPS with locations in New Jersey and Los Angeles.


The pricing is also very transparent. The plans renew at the same price. A longer billing cycle offers nice savings. Payment methods include credit card, PayPal, Bitcoin and AliPay.

Ethernet Servers Billing Cycles

Ethernet Servers Review in a Nutshell


What we admire about Ethernet Servers significantly outweighs whatever concerns we may have. 

Our only concern is really that Ethernet Servers is a fairly young and small hosting company. The support has, however, been outstanding and fast.

What we love about Ethernet Servers is low prices, 60-day refunds, generous resource limits, friendly support, free daily backups and a choice of 7 data center locations.

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