The CHEAPEST Web Hosting: One Dollar vs Five Dollar Hosting Compared

Cheapest Web Hosting at a Glance

 Annual PriceDomainsLocations2019 UptimeAvg. Load Time
VPShared$3unlimitedUS (NY)99.92%625 ms
BuyShared$8fiveUS & EU99.86%636 ms
LaunchVPS$21.29unlimitedUS (PA)99.90%335 ms
HostMantis$17.95unlimited8 Global99.97%234 ms
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Why Cheapest Web Hosting?

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There are many reasons why ultra-cheap web hosting may be a good option. One obvious situation is when you are not yet ready for premium web hosting but do not wish to settle for a free website. Other reasons include:

Whatever your situation, $1 web hosting may be a good place to start. There are basically two ways to get one dollar web hosting.

1. One way is to prepay for two-four years and get a huge discount on the first term. While the plan renews at a higher price, you get excellent tech support from day one. A popular example is Hostinger.

2. Another way to get one dollar web hosting is more straightforward: you will pay $1 on a recurring basis, year after year, unconditionally. We will focus here on this kind of $1 web hosting.

In terms of pricing, $1 USD refers to a monthly price. To have more flexibility, we do include web hosting options of up to $1.99/month. Because the cheapest web hosting is typically available on an annual billing cycle, you will normally pay less than $24 a year.

There are, as a matter of fact, plenty of companies that offer one dollar web hosting. Many of them, however, use cheap hardware or outdated software and provide no technical support whatsoever.

We will therefore focus here only on the truly best one dollar web hosting providers. Only those that make sure that ‘cheap’ does not mean poor quality.

We have tested all the providers and selected only those that meet all of the following requirements:

VPShared is a web hosting brand of VirMach, a company founded in 2014. Like VirMach, VPShared specializes in low-resource hosting at ultra-low prices. Its cheapest web hosting plan costs just $3 a year. Although this cheapest package will work for most new websites with active caching, it may be worth going directly for one of the plans with higher resources. One of the perks of choosing a higher plan is a free dedicated IP address.


BuyShared is a Frantech Solutions brand, the company better known for its line of inexpensive KVM VPS. In business since 2010, the company has consistently specialized in web hosting solutions on an ultra-low budget. BuyShared is probably the most popular low-cost hosting provider, the other being VPShared. Comparing BuyShared vs VPShared, one will notice many similarities. Like VPShared, BuyShared includes a free dedicated IP address and unlimited Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates. BuyShared is that popular that most of its plans are often out of stock, both in the US and the EU.


Founded in 2014, LaunchVPS is another low-cost VPS provider that also offers cheap cPanel web hosting. Even the cheapest web hosting plan ($21.29/year = $1.77/month) includes 5 GB of disk space, no inode limits and 500 GB of bandwidth. Each plan has a different amount of resources (up to 2 CPU cores and 2 GB RAM). LaunchVPS provides free cPanel SSL certificates. Tech support is friendly but may be slow. LaunchVPS stands out with a 45-day money-back guarantee.


** 2021 Update: HostMantis now offers both cPanel (from $35.95/y) and DirectAdmin (from $17.95/y) plans

In business since 2010, HostMantis focuses on shared web hosting while also offering cheap Reseller hosting. Its plans allocate a generous amount of resources, from 3 GB RAM up to 8 GB RAM. HostMantis uses OVH datacenters for most of its global locations, except for Germany where it uses Hetzner. HostMantis offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and complimentary DDoS protection. Because of its competitive pricing and excellent performance, HostMantis is one of the best web hosting providers today.


$1 vs $5 Web Hosting

If you can get great features even with one dollar web hosting, is it worth even considering more expensive options? While the answer is generally ‘yes’, it also really depends.

Just because a company puts a higher price tag does not mean their services are better. But if a hosting company has been in business for years, continues to innovate and remains customer-centered, there is no question that it is worth paying more than one dollar a month.

You can get better support, higher resource limits and generally more reliable web hosting for about $5/month. Other differences between one dollar vs five dollar web hosting? You can see the key advantages of five dollar web hosting compared to one dollar web hosting below.

One Dollar vs Five Dollar Web Hosting

 $1 Web Hosting$5 Web Hosting
Recurring price~$15/year~$55/year
Monthly billingunavailable<$5/month
Always in stocknoyes
Resource limitslowstandard
Uptime guarantee99.9%99.9+%
Actual uptime~/<99.9%>99.9%
Money back guarantee3+ days30+ days
Managed supportminimumstandard
Migration supportmostly nomostly yes
Own hardwaremostly nomostly yes
Established brandmostly noyes
15+ years in businessnoyes
Company transparencynoyes

Some of the good five dollar web hosting providers? There are not that many established brands that offer quality web hosting at just $5/month on a recurring basis. The ones below are all independently owned companies with great 24/7 support.


Regular: $4.95

Special: $2.59


Regular: $4.99

Special: $2.24


Regular: $5

Special: $0.01


Regular: $4.88

Special: $2.44

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