4 Best Web Hosting Services 2021

Best Web Hosting at a Glance

Less powerWeb hostingCloud hostingPro
Lower priceHawk HostCloudwaysSemi-managed
Higher priceSiteGroundKinstaFully managed
BeginnerShared resourcesPrivate resourcesMore power
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How to Choose the Right Web Host: Criteria

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There are essentially three key points to consider when choosing the right web host for your needs. The first is the level of support: basic (platform-level) or extensive (website-level). The second is resources: shared (many websites use the same resources) or private (your website and account are isolated from others). And the third is certainly pricing: budget or premium.

We have picked out four top web hosts that are great for every need, with every skill and on every budget (see the table above).

In choosing the best web hosting services, we have followed a set of criteria. These main criteria apply to both shared web hosting and cloud hosting with private resources. For premium cloud hosting we have established additional quality standards that include advanced features.

Budget web hosting is perfect for the majority of new and growing websites. But using cheaper web hosting can be a disappointing experience. This is why we have put together this highly selective list of four best hosts we have carefully tested. ALL of them meet ALL of our rigorous quality criteria outlined below. On EVERY plan and in EVERY location. No compromises whatsoever. Truly best web hosting.

We have arranged the following hosts based on the lowest price. Each of them, however, offers a unique set of features and a different level of account management.

Hawk Host Pros

Hawk Host Cons

Hawk Host Alternatives

Hawk Host is rather unique with regard to its unlimited policy that includes unlimited domains. But in terms of the web hosting stack, it uses the industry-standard LiteSpeed Web Server and CloudLinux OS. Similarly affordable Hawk Host alternatives include MightWeb in the US (with a data center in Chicago), Webhosting UK (with data centers in the UK) and HostWithLove (with global server locations).

SiteGround Pros

SiteGround Cons

SiteGround Web Hosting

SiteGround Alternatives

SiteGround is quite unique among web hosts when it comes to its platform and infrastructure. The following two hosts are viable SiteGround alternatives in terms of their customer service, pricing model and overall popularity. Similar to SiteGround, these companies offer a cheap entry plan for one website while their more powerful features are available on higher plans.

Cloudways Pros

Cloudways Cons


Cloudways Alternatives

There is hardly any alternative to Cloudways that is equally affordable, powerful and easy to use. One Cloudways alternative is Hostwinds, a US-based company that offers cheap managed cloud servers and a variety of open source control panels. A UK-based Cloudways alternative is 34SP.com, whose WordPress Hosting product is a flexible OpenVZ container solution for up to ten websites. Another option is WPOven, a managed VPS service designed for WordPress sites with global server locations.

Kinsta Pros

Kinsta Cons

Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting

Kinsta Alternatives

A premium provider of managed WordPress hosting, Kinsta is the best web hosting option if you need private resources and dedicated support for your website. The following three Kinsta alternatives similarly specialize in fully managed WordPress hosting.

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