About Itsy Bitsy Guide

Itsy Bitsy Guide is a Melbourne-based family-operated website. Before 2016 we didn’t have a single website. Now we have a handful, including several for experimental ideas. While creating those websites, we explored hundreds of web hosting options. Itsy Bitsy Guide is the result of our search for the very best, friendliest and most affordable hosts.

Launched in 2018, Itsy Bitsy Guide is a very selective web hosting directory and a concise guide to such essential web services and tools as domain names, email and VPN. As a web hosting guide, Itsy Bitsy Guide features a straightforward web hosting quiz as well as a web hosting map.

Itsy Bitsy Guide’s mission is to give you the most accurate and helpful web hosting advice – depending on your needs. It doesn’t matter whether you can afford $3 or $30 a month. Whether you need hosting for a personal or mission-critical website. Whether you are located in Chicago, Amsterdam or Bangalore. We’re confident you’ll find your perfect host here.